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Bonds of Affection

The ultimate "can do" dog, German Shepherds have long ranked as one of the most popular breeds. Come along for eleven short stories in various genres that explore the relationship between these wonderful dogs and their humans. From the heartwarming to the fantastic, from the high o f human-canine co-operation to the low of abuse, the stories aim to inspire and increase appreciation for the German Shepherd Dog. Interspersed are reminiscences of four shepherds who have enriched the author's life.


All proceeds from the sale of this book go to German Shepherd Rescues and K9 suppport groups.

In Death Survive

From the humorous to the poignant,

The reflective to the sinister,

Fourteen tales of post-mortem existence,


Rediscovered after  being lost for three hundred years and suffering the effects of an asteroid strike, the world of Pharann is the site of the Terran Hegemony's newst naval base in its war with the alien Gara'nesh. Pharann's regressed but still civilized population has been targeted for exploitation. All that stands in the way of their societal destruction in Naval Intelligence analyst Lieutenant Commander Jade Lafrey. Forming an unlikely alliance with a young native healer and a missionary priest she confronts an implacable foe who always seems to be one move ahead...

Eleven ghost stories with a Catholic flavor.

Tales from the Brackenwood Ghost Club

Mysterious lights in a buried church...
A half-glimpsed figure haunting a Montana ranch...
An invisible stalker on a California trail...
A shadowy priest who only appears on Good Friday...

Welcome to the world of the Brackenwood ghost club, whose members enjoy hearing tales of the strange turnings beyond the world we know.
Thirteen tales of the supernatural and unknown

What Darkness Remains

Thirteen tales of the supernatural and unknown...

From the night, from the mist, from the darkness of space, from the forgotten past, from unseen regions... a shadow touches the Earth and lingers. Who knows what darkness remains?

Wreaths of Empire.

The ultimate weapon.
The peace of the galaxy.
One woman.

Naval Intelligence Commander Jade Lafrey retrieves a dying agent’s last report from the wreckage of his ship and stumbles into a conspiracy that may destroy any chance of peace between the Terran Hegemony and the alien Gara’nesh Suzerainty. The garbled message implies that someone is developing the ultimate weapon – but who? Together with her super-geek aide and an Information Officer she’s not sure can be trusted, Jade must negotiate both the treacherous political starscape and the stirrings of her heart in order to avert catastrophe.

The DeathCats of Asa'ican and Other Tales of a Space-Vet

Doc Hughes: A space-traveling exobiologist who relishes the challenge of caring for the galaxy’s most exotic life forms.
Victrix: A genetically enhanced German Shepherd whose intellect and telepathic ability make her more of an assistant than a pet.
Rex: The last of his kind, the alien skaggit is not always what he appears.
Leina: There’s more to her than being an attractive journalist who takes Hughes on the run of his life.

Ring of Time

In an attempt to escape the hurts of the loss of his wife and child, 27th century historian Robert Cragg becomes the first time travelling historian, venturing back to the Roman Empire.

Saints Alive! Vol. II: Celtic Paths

Twelve short stories of Celtic saints.

Saints Alive! New Stories of Old Saints, Vol.1: Saints of Empire

Tales of faith and heroism in the days of the Roman Empire. Twelve short stories of saints from Roman times, from the well-known to the less familiar. Not strict retellings of saints' lives, these stories are historical fiction based on incidents from saints lives.


My stories have appeared in a number of anthologies, including "Sky Songs," "Sky Songs II," "Fungi #20," "Fungi#21", "Fungi #22", "Infinite Space Infinite God II," "Rejected," "The Tanist's Wife and Other Stories of Alternative History," "Misunderstood", "Incarcerated", "Just Desserts", "Unintended Consequences," "Tails from the Front Lines" (the last four from WolfSinger Press), "Legends of Sleepy Hollow," and "Silent Screams".

Imperial Legions

Love blossoms between Sergius, a young Roman officer stationed in Britain, and Ailidh, a beautiful Celtic girl. But tensions between the Britons and their Roman conquerors burst into open rebellion, and the young lovers are caught up in the conflict of races and religions.

Iron Scepter

In the year 2495 on the rediscovered, independence-minded world of Lenore, an embittered Political Officer seeks to resurrect his career. He appears to be succeeding until a young colonial woman confronts his cherished beliefs. But when first contact is made with an alien race, will they--and Lenore--become the first casualties of interstellar war?

Walking with the Celtic Saints

To enrich your family devotions, personal reflection, and book reading group, Walking with the Celtic Saints presents original tales that take you into the heart of Celtic spirituality. As you read these original poems, reflections, meditations, and blessings, you’ll walk with 15 people who can teach us important lessons about what matters most. Subjects include family, compassion and sharing, the Celtic cross, and the love of nature.