Andrew M. Seddon

Walking with
the Celtic Saints

Walking With the Celtic Saints is a devotional book based on the lives of the Celtic saints of Britain and Ireland. Each chapter tells a story of one of the saints, which is followed by a reflection, a poem, a scripture verse, a meditation, or a blessing. The themes are those of Celtic Christianity--themes which are as applicable and necessary today as then.

The saints and stories are as follows:

1) Journeying into the Garden /​ St. Brynach
2) Breaking Bread Together /​ St. Nectan
3) Stones and Psalms /​ St. Patrick
4) Opening Creationís Book /​ St. Brendan
5) The Celtic Cross /​ St. Enda
6) Showing Godís Love /​ St. Baithen
7) Working Together /​ St. Edfrith
8) A Written Treasure /​ St. Coelfrid
9) Working in the World /​ St. Nathalan
10) Songs of Encouragement /​ St. Gwinear
11) A Call to Quietness /​ St. Myllin
12) Soldiers for Christ /​ St. Adrian
13) Trinity and Unity /​ St. John of Beverley
14) Free Gifts /​ St. Moling
15) The Call to Care /​ St. Samson

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